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    Artsen Chemical, a professional manufacturer of HCFCs and HFCs, currently operates two  production and R&D bases: Zhejiang Artsen (overing an area of about 70000m²)and Jiangxi Artsen(covering an area of about 265000m²)

    Products on offer: R113a, R152a, R142b, R134a, R245fa.

    Coming soon:HFO-1233ZD, HFO-1234ZE, HCC-1230XA (1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene), HCC-240DB (1,1,1,2,3-pentachloropropane) 

    Artsen takes sustainable and environmentally friendly development as our priority, which covers whole processes including manufacturing technology, quality control, operation safety, waste treatment, employee training and logistics service etc.

    To be a reliable supplier and partner is our commitment.


    Add:Weisan East Rd., Hangzhou Bay Fine Chemical Zone, Shangyu city, Zhejiang province, China
    Tel: 0086-575-82739711 Fax: 0086-575-82739282 Post Code: 312369
    Trade Dept. Address: 2808Rm,Winning International Mansion,No.100,Minxin Rd,Jianggan District,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang province,China
    Tel: 0086-571-86026833 ,86026933, 86021293,86021292
    Web: http://www.sceneleech.org
    E-mail: bryan@artsenchem.com , artsen@artsenchem.com

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    R152a,R245fa,HFO1233zd HFO1234ze
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    R152a,R245fa,HFO1233zd HFO1234ze
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