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    HFC-245fa is known as pentafluoropropane and by its chemical name 1,1,1,3,3,-pentafluoropropane. Unlike CFC and HCFC blowing agents formerly used for this purpose, it has no ozone depletion potential and is nearly non-toxic. Although it is intended to remain trapped within the foam insulation, it is practically non biodegradable with a lifetime of 7.2 years when it eventually does escape into the atmosphere. It does have a high GWP of 950 (950 times the global warming effect of CO2)


    ASHRAE # R-245fa
    Class HFC
    Refrigerant Type Single Component Fluid
    Typical Lubricant Synthetic (P)E, PVE, etc.)
    Substitutes CFC-11
    Notes Equipment redesign, ORC heat transfer fluid


    Chemical Name Pentafluoropropane
    Chemical Notation CF3CH2CHF2
    Molecular Weight (lbm/lbmol) 134
    Boiling Point @ 1 Atm, (°F) 58.8
    Freezing Point @ 1 Atm, (°F) -160
    Critical Temperature (°F) (ASTM D-1321) 309.29
    Critical Pressure* (psia) 527.94
    Saturated Liquid Density @ 86°F, (lb/ft3) 82.7
    Specific Heat of Liquid @ 86°F, (Btu/lb•°F) 0.32
    Specific Heat of Vapor @ Constant Pressure* (Cp), @ 86° and 1 Atm, (Btu/lb•°F) 0.2
    Flammable range, %vol. in air (Based on ASHRAE Standard 34 with Match Ignition) None
    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 34-1992 Safety Group Classification B1

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    R152a,R245fa,HFO1233zd HFO1234ze
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